Ground-Leveling Compactors for
Your Building Site



Reliable Single Drum Road Roller for Efficient Leveling and Grading

For the largest, most challenging jobs, choose our powerful, easy-to-operate 55″ single drum compactor. We serve Canada and the US with powerful and efficient vibrating rollers.

The Big One

Powered by a 67 hp diesel engine, this machine exerts 20,000 lbs. of centrifugal force on 55 inches. For your largest construction projects, trust The Big One to get the job done.

Efficient Design

In addition to being powerful, this machine is also highly reliable. With features like a water-cooled diesel engine and five independent hydraulic circuits, it is designed to meet the rental industry’s requirements for effective and powerful construction equipment. Trust it to work effectively throughout the job’s completion.


Use The Big One to execute trench projects, ramps, and parking lots. It is also highly effective for sand, road, and soil compaction.


Achieve excellent visibility of the drum working area when using this model. There is also the option to add a padded shield kit that is simple and quick to install. Foam-filled tires add to the heft of this strong and formidable piece of equipment. Additional features are also available.


Choose between the equipment that’s right for your construction team. You can select the model that’s best for your projects with complete CT 55S and the CT 55P specifications.

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