Ground-Leveling Compactors for
Your Building Site


Vibratory Roller Power To Prepare Your Building Site​

Obtain high compaction performance from CORNIVER with ride-on vibratory rollers that surpass the performance of plate compactors and walk-behind rollers. Moreover, due to the state of the art design of the vibratory mechanism inside the drum, the Corniver vibrating rollers outperform single drum rollers classified as wider and heavier. We provide single drum vibrating rollers for all types of compaction applications. All Corniver vibratory rollers are the shortest (best manoeuvrability), the lightest (easiest to transport), the lowest center of gravity (the safest to use) in their respective class. At the same time , all Corniver vibratory rollers deliver the highest compaction performance in their class. Use a CT 55 for powerful performance or our CT 40 and CT 48 for outstanding compaction and unsurpassed manoeuvrability.

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