Ground-Leveling Compactors for
Your Building Site



Equip Your Crew With Unequaled Equipment Performance

Enjoy the ease of using and maneuvering a 40″ Ride-On-Compactor from CORNIVER. The goal of the CT40  single drum roller is to offer a very high centrifugal force in a very small package. Indeed, the CT40 is by far the shortest 40″ single drum roller in the 40″ – 42″ class. Our objectives in designing and building the CT40 single drum roller were a) high compaction performance, b) reliability, c) manoeuvrability, d) easy to repair, e) parts availability. Soon enough, the Corniver CT40 single drum roller demonstrated its “PERFORMANCE BEYOND COMPARE” on construction sites by outperforming single drum vibratory rollers from the 54″ – 56″ class, and even the 84″ class. 

Performance Beyond Compare

Get equipment designed to meet the reliability requirements of your rental agency with the CT 40. Known as Performance Beyond Compare, this powerful model includes delivers 55.8 kN (12,500-lbs.) of centrifugal force on 40” with excellent isolation of drum vibration with respect to frame. The CT 40 ride-on roller compactor is the ideal single drum roller for the following compaction applications:

• Trench Projects
• Heavy Ramps
• Sand Compaction
• Inside Buildings

• Foundation Compaction

Ease Of Use

The operator’s seat is optimally designed to provide an excellent view of the drum’s working area. Included with this system are independent hydraulic circuits for traction, vibration, and steering. You can also add the option of an easy-to-install padded shell kit for additional protection.


Choose between the CT 40S and the CT 40P compactors, or even order a blade to either of them. Each have slight differences in terms of the engine, transmission, and dimensions. There are also some variations in the vibratory system between the two versions. Learn more about CT 40S and CT 40P specifications.

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