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Ground-Leveling Compactors for Your Building Site

Your Trusted Source for High Performance Vibratory Rollers

Rather than using a vibration plate or a walk-behind roller at your construction site, employ a vibratory roller for optimal results. We offer a range of models with various add-ons and features.

CT 40 Model
For parking lots, inside buildings, or retaining walls, choose one of our versatile single drum vibrating roller compactors like the CT 40. Among the Corniver rollers, this is the easiest to maneuver.

CT 40
CT 48 Model
For soil and sand compaction, roads, and trench projects, the CT 48 will skillfully execute the task. The CT 48 models are mid-sized high-performance rollers with advanced technology. 

CT 48
CT 55 Model
For large, in-depth tasks, select the vibratory roller that can deliver. The CT 55 is our largest vibrating roller and fully capable of handling soil compaction, ramps, and parking lots.

CT 55


Get the Right Sized ROLLERS 
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About Us

CORNIVER provides ride-on vibratory rollers that are versatile for a variety of uses. The Corniver vibrating rollers are designed and built to withstand the severe requirements of now is the demo timethe rental industry. We serve many areas throughout Canada, the United States, and abroad. Our specially designed heavy machinery consists of three models of vibratory rollers. The Corniver vibratory rollers are heavy duty machines and have been used with great success on construction sites to compact clay, sand, or gravel.

While the majority of companies worldwide are looking to cut corners and maximize profits, we invest in top-quality components and materials. All of our machinery components are top of the line including our engines, transmissions, and pumps. We employ the most reliable drive motors, pumps, and hydraulic parts.

In business for 30 years, we were the first to develop a small vibratory roller, the CT 40. In the past, all comparable machines were designed to be operated manually and would require muscular strain to steer the units. The Corniver vibratory rollers are RIDE-ON, very ergonomical and user-friendly. All Corniver vibrating rollers offer exceptional visibility of the working area and are the safest to operate due to the lowest center of gravity in their class. This attention to our user’s needs has earned us many loyal customers.

Parts availability is a top priority for us. Notably, being the manufacturer of these vibrating rollers, we have all the parts in stock all the time for our own manufacturing needs. Therefore, Corniver parts are only courier-away from our customers.


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Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. E.S.T.

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